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All Felony – Misdemeanor charges:

Being charged with a crime does not make you guilty. Every person charged with a crime must be fundamentally considered “innocent until proven guilty.” It is the job of law enforcement and prosecution to prove their case beyond a reasonable doubt and it is our job as Virginia criminal defense attorneys at Barnes & Diehl to ensure that your case is resolved according to the facts and the law

At Barnes & Diehl we offer sound legal advice and the aggressive defense of criminal charges for individuals in Richmond and throughout Virginia. As a compliment to our Family Law practice, criminal defense attorneys Michael HuYoung and Craig Sampson are skilled in the investigation and defense of criminal charges related to a divorce, child custody and/or other family law issues.

False / Retaliatory Domestic Charges

Individuals involved in a divorce or Virginia family issues may find themselves facing false or retaliatory accusations of domestic violence, sexual assault or child molestations. These charges are often leveled punitively by a former spouse seeking to strengthen their position during a divorce or child custody action. These charges are very serious and can result in fines, jail time and a permanent criminal record if not addressed immediately and thoroughly by an experienced criminal defense trial lawyer.

While we are a large firm, we never lose sight of the personal interaction required to guide a client facing Virginia felony or misdemeanor charges through the intimidating process of arrest, trial and appeals. Unlike many Virginia lawyers, at Barnes & Diehl we are criminal trial attorneys capable of preparing and presenting complex criminal defense actions at all levels of the state and federal courts. Since 1978, our firm has maintained a reputation for quality legal representation that will often lead prosecution to negotiate a favorable settlement rather than face us in the courts.


Facing Virginia criminal charges can leave you confused and anxious, not only for yourself but your family as well. If you have been arrested, make your first call to the Richmond offices of Barnes & Diehl for a review of your legal rights. An experienced criminal defense attorney from one of our two offices in Henrico or Richmond/Chesterfield will clearly explain your options and their consequences and seek a timely resolution through negotiation or the courts. Contact us today.

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