Asset Protection, Marital Property Division

A divorce untangles a legal and financial union, dividing assets that in marriage belonged to a couple. To reach a fair division of marital property, a divorcing couple may need the assistance of CPAs, appraisers and economists to help with the valuation of assets including real estate, stock options, retirement funds and valuables.

We Have the Experience Necessary to Help You Effectively Protect Your Financial Interests in a Virginia Divorce

At Barnes & Diehl, P.C., the depth and breadth of our lawyers’ experience in family law strengthens their positions in negotiations, mediation and collaborative law sessions. Our Virginia family law attorneys work to protect the short-term and long-term interests of clients who are anticipating or going through a divorce.

Our family law attorneys work with you closely to decide upon the legal strategy best suited to achieving your goals. This may involve using collaborative law methods, mediation, traditional divorce settlement negotiations or even trial. No matter which route we take on your behalf, you can count on us having your best interests at heart.

Your Goals in Asset Distribution and Divorce Planning Are Our Starting Point

Discuss your particular family circumstances and your goals in asset distribution if you anticipate divorce. Allow us to help you define your goals and how best to achieve a satisfactory outcome. Once divorce is on the horizon, there are steps you can take to help facilitate a timely and favorable resolution in asset division.

Our lawyers can guide you through the valuation and division of property in such a way that your spouse and family law courts will be informed so as to accept a fair settlement.

Contact Us to Discuss Richmond, Virgina Divorce Planning and Asset Distribution

A divorce attorney from Barnes & Diehl, P.C., is a valuable ally and advocate for Virginians contemplating a pending marital break-up. Our team approach offers value and depth to the process of clarifying key issues to plan for.

Contact us at our Richmond/Chesterfield, Henrico or Hanover office today for a review of your options as you prepare for divorce. Actions that you take now may have a very long-lasting impact on you and your children.

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