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Military divorce presents a multitude of complex issues that are not present in most civilian divorces. Divorce lawyers who are unfamiliar with military law and military family law may miss the significance of critical issues, such as military retirement benefits or child custody concerns when a parent is subject to reassignment or relocation.

A Virginia military family law attorney from Barnes & Diehl, P.C., is a valuable source of information and assistance for parents seeking a divorce in Virginia where one or both spouses has served in the Army, Navy, Marines, Air Force, Coast Guard or other armed forces. From our offices in Richmond/Chesterfield, Henrico or Hanover, our military child custody attorneys are accustomed to representing service members and military spouses who are in Virginia or who are stationed out of state or overseas.

Experienced Richmond, Virginia Military Child Custody Lawyers

We offer more than three decades of experience and a team approach to identifying important factors in your child custody case. We talk with you one-on-one to understand your unique situation and goals, whether you are seeking temporary child custody while the other parent is overseas or you are facing challenges with custody or visitation following your return. Some of the child custody issues our clients face include:

  • Determining child custody in a divorce involving military parents who are in reserves or active duty
  • Geographical issues when a parent is stationed outside of Virginia
  • Move-aways or relocations when a parent is reassigned or subjected to permanent change of station
  • Child custody modifications when a parent is deployed
  • Visitation or parenting time concerns when a parent returns from active duty
  • Child support issues involving a parent stationed in another state or overseas

Contact Our Virginia Law Firm to Discuss Your Military Divorce Concerns

Military child custody issues can be complicated. Talk with an attorney who is accustomed to handling these complex issues in a manner that fully preserves your interests and the interests of your children. Contact our Richmond, Virginia family law attorneys at our Richmond/Chesterfield, Henrico or Hanover office today for a review of your options and most advisable strategies. Contact Us.

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