Experienced Virginia Family Law Attorneys

Virginia family law now protects same sex marriagess but this causes significant concern for partners in the LGBT community. How can you best protect yourself and your children when you are in a same-sex relationship — or when you are ending a partnership? An experienced family law attorney can advise you of your options and help you maximize the protections available under the law.

Representing clients in Richmond and throughout Virginia for over three decades, Barnes & Diehl, P.C., has acquired the experience and resources to provide effective representation in all areas of family law. Same-sex couples can count on a lawyer at our firm to provide them with compassionate, skilled and results-oriented counsel as we assist them with matters involving:

  • Domestic partnership agreements or cohabitation agreements
  • Adoption, including second-parent adoptions
  • Dissolution of a domestic partnership
  • Property division and debt distribution
  • Child custody and visitation arrangements
  • Child support
  • Other family law for same-sex couples

Virginia Lawyers — Shared Parenting Agreements

Same-sex parents face many of the same legal issues as heterosexual parents in the event of separation — one of the most difficult issues being child custody and visitation matters. We work with clients to negotiate shared parenting arrangements that define the rights and obligations of the parents as well as the visitation or parenting schedules the parents will follow. We focus on achieving solutions that are in alignment with the client’s goals while preserving the best interests of the children.

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