During times of crisis or distress, the attorneys at Barnes & Diehl remain available to you by telephone, video, or by other means.  In some circumstances, we can meet with you in person at safe distances at one of our two convenient locations.  We maintain our offices in a very clean and safe environment.

During this time of emergency declared by our Governor and by our President, we see clients individually on a restricted schedule, but one that meets with your schedule and needs.

We understand that even in these times, you may have questions, need advice, or need to speak with your attorney regarding your case.  We are here and available to you for those purposes.  Also, even though your case may be delayed as far as Court schedules are concerned, there still is the opportunity to continue negotiations and attempts to resolve issues in your case as we go forward.

We can negotiate Property Settlement Agreements, Premarital Agreements, and Post-Marital Agreements with clients in this environment as well.  We also do estate planning.

If you need legal assistance or other advice with respect to matters in your life at this point, click here to contact us on the internet or call Barnes & Diehl, at (804) 796-1000, and we will assist you as we can during these times.  We are here for you.

Edward D. Barnes,

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