Sound Legal Advice for Dividing Complex Assets

When marital property includes complex assets such as businesses, investment accounts, vacation homes and stock options, it may be challenging to properly determine the value of these assets and to separate marital from nonmarital assets. With a tradition of experience devoted to family law, Barnes & Diehl, P.C., has the resources and the experience necessary to help clients evaluate and negotiate complex marital asset division in divorce.

To discuss equitable distribution of your and your spouse’s complex assets and learn how to protect your interests in a Virginia divorce, contact us by phone or e-mail. Schedule a consultation to talk to one of our experienced lawyers about the most expedient, fair and advantageous way to approach property division when your marriage is headed for dissolution.

We Collaborate With Financial Experts

When highly valuable and complex assets are at stake, our lawyers work closely with well-recognized and respected professional experts, including appraisers, accountants and economists. Through close scrutiny and application of the Brandenburg formula or another approved formula, we facilitate accurate classification of assets as separate or marital property.

Our Attorneys are Adept at Analyzing Complex Property Division Cases

“Hybrid” property is often the most time-consuming asset to analyze in preparation for equitable distribution negotiations in a Virginia divorce.

For example, if one spouse started a business or bought a house five years before a marriage began, a percentage of its value will be his or her separate interest while another percentage will be marital property. If an inheritance was used to buy or expand a business or remodel the home, the task of tracing assets may be intricate and complex.

Sophisticated accounting in tandem with precise legal analysis brings the answers needed to present a clear case before a family court judge.

Attorneys of Barnes & Diehl, P.C., are client-focused and always keep up to date on changes in Virginia family law. We understand the importance of asset protection for divorcing individuals who are undergoing negotiations or mediation. Equitable property division that maximizes our client’s long-term financial health after a divorce may affect an entire family’s economic outlook.

Contact Us to Schedule a Consultation With a Prominent Richmond,Virginia Complex Divorce Lawyer

An experienced, well-qualified attorney from Barnes & Diehl, P.C., is available to evaluate your situation and advise you on the best actions to take to prepare for your marital separation or dissolution. Our team approach offers value and depth to the process of identifying and codifying key issues.

Contact us at our Richmond/Chesterfield, Henrico or Hanover office today for a review of your options as you plan for equitable distribution of property in connection with a marital separation or divorce in Virginia.

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