Appellate Practice
In All Courts

Handling Appeals in Criminal Cases

Criminal defense lawyers throughout Virginia look to the law offices of Barnes & Diehl for counsel and assistance in criminal appeals. In addition, we appeal our own clients’ criminal cases when we consider trial outcomes to be unsatisfactory. Potential clients and referring attorneys are invited to contact us to discuss appellate matters in Virginia.

Experienced in State and Federal Courts of Appeal and Supreme Courts

Our appellate attorneys have taken more appeals to the Court of Appeals and the Supreme Court of Virginia than any other lawyers in the state. We have handled appeals in several U.S. circuit courts, as well as in the U.S. Supreme Court.

Experienced, Respected, Insightful

Our law firm’s appeals are often successful due to the team approach which is our normal practice in all legal matters. Our clients receive the full benefit of the experience, knowledge and insight of a number of lawyers, rather than just the attorney in charge of each case.

Barnes & Diehl has prevailed in many appellate cases thanks to our broad skill set and knowledge base. We are known for successful handling of all facets of appeals including the following:

  • Crafting theories
  • Writing briefs
  • Fashioning arguments
  • Persuading judges of the correctness of our clients’ perspective

Contact Us to Discuss Any State or Federal Level Appeal in Virginia

Talk to a Virginia appellate attorney. Contact us at our Richmond/Chesterfield or Henrico office today for a review of the best options.

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